Cabo Roig Spain - endless summer


Hola y Bienvenidos,animated spanish flag 

                                   Hello and Welcome

The spanish language is a beautiful language to speak and very fun to learn.                    

English is widely spoken on the Costa Blanca, so you shouldn't have too many problems! If you would like to have a go at learning the spanish language here are a few words to get you started;


Buenos Dias Good Morning Lo siento I'm sorry
Buenas Noches Good Evening La cuenta, por favor   The bill, please
Si/No Yes/No la cerveza a beer
Por Favor Please un cafe con leche a coffee with milk
Gracias Thank you un cafe solo a black coffee
Perdone Excuse Me el desayuno breakfast
Hola/Adios Hello/Goodbye la cena dinner
Donde esta/estan?   Where is/are?... Como esta usted? How are you?
Habla Ingles? Do you speak English?  Encantado Pleased to meet you  
No comprendo I don't understand Socorro! Help!

and for a more in depth course the BBC language course is fantastic! please click on the link below.

Learn Spanish

BBC Languages - Spanish

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